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Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer: Top Myths About Car Accident Claims

Exactly 35,766 fatal car accidents occurred in 2020 in the United States alone. Car accidents happen all the time and some may be mild while others might be fatal. Whatever the case, it is important to have a motor vehicle accident lawyer by your side. 

But why? Many people tend to have myths concerning car accident claims and car accidents in general. These myths and false beliefs can often get in the way of people getting the claims they require.

Keep reading and learn more about the top myths surrounding car accident claims and what the truth behind them might be.

It's Better to Rely on Insurance Companies Than a Lawyer

Many people think that letting their insurance companies take care of a motor vehicle accident will solve all their problems. As a result, they have no reason to hire a motor vehicle accident attorney. However, this is not true at all.

While it is true that your insurance company will be able to handle a certain amount of responsibility for a motor vehicle accident, that company won't be able to do everything. At a certain point, you will see that your insurance company won't be able to help you, and then you'll be on your own unless you hire the best motor vehicle accident attorney you can find. 

The main thing that an insurance company can do for you is to provide payment when you need it. This financial aspect of a car accident is often what most people focus on after experiencing a situation like this. However, money is not the only thing that should concern you after a car accident. 

The Details

If you happen to be at fault for the car accident in question, you could end up in a lot of trouble if you don't have a good lawyer on your side. Many people think that they can represent themselves in court, but this is often not a good idea. This is because you won't have all the necessary legal knowledge to support yourself in court. 

Even if you are not at fault for the accident, going without a lawyer is still a bad idea. When filing for a claim, you'll want to have a lawyer help you with all the necessary documents and paperwork. More than that, a lawyer can help you get the right financial compensation for the claim. 

Without a lawyer, you might end up with far less money than you deserve. 

Hiring a Lawyer Isn't Worth It Because It Costs Too Much

This is a very common myth that many people tend to believe in, but it certainly is far from the truth. If your car has been severely damaged or if you or someone else has been injured due to a car accident, it will be a bad idea to go without a lawyer. While it is true that hiring a lawyer can cost you some money, you will most likely make that money back through the claim or settlement you get after everything is settled. 

For example, if your car got totaled in a car accident, your insurance company as well as your lawyer will be able to help get the whole thing sorted out and make sure that you get the money you need to fix the car. If someone has been injured in the accident (or if you yourself have been injured) then you should be able to get quite a lot of money as a result. 

What You Need to Know

After all, you need a certain amount of money to treat your injuries and recover from your wounds. If you have suffered a type of permanent injury that has altered your way of life such as an amputation or brain injury, then the money you will receive will be a massive amount. But again, you will need a good lawyer on your side to make sure that you get the appropriate amount of money. 

Otherwise, you might only get a fraction of what you ought to get. Besides that, the more money the lawyer helps you get from a claim, the easier it will be to pay the lawyer for his or her services. So, overall, the price of hiring a lawyer isn't very significant, especially in larger cases.

It Doesn't Matter What Lawyer You Choose

Many people believe that all lawyers are more or less the same, so it doesn't really matter which one you choose. But again, this is yet another myth that has no truth behind it. Choosing a lawyer at random is a huge mistake because you might end up choosing a lawyer that doesn't have much experience or even good credentials or education. 

A bad lawyer is almost as bad as not having a lawyer at all. Instead, you will want to do your research when choosing a lawyer so that you'll end up with a good one. The better your lawyer is, the smoother the proceedings will go and the more money you will likely end up with when the process is all over and done with. 

Hiring a Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer

Hiring a motor vehicle accident lawyer is very important, no matter what myths you may have heard concerning these lawyers. Overall, this kind of lawyer can help make sure you are represented properly in the eyes of the law and also make sure that you get proper financial compensation. 

To learn more about legal representation, contact us here

auto accident claim mistakes

7 Auto Accident Claim Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Did you know that around 13 car accidents happen every minute, according to statistics?

If you've been in a car accident, it's critical that you follow the claims process correctly. Car accidents can be highly stressful and traumatic experiences. When you're caught up in a car accident, it's easy to make missteps in your insurance claim. 

Unfortunately, even small auto accident claim mistakes could be disastrous. Best case scenario, you might receive a lower payout than you deserve. In the worst-case scenario, you might jeopardize your entire claim. 

Get clued up and keep reading to find out how to easily sidestep mistakes in the auto claim filing process. 

1. Not Filing a Police Report

One of the first and biggest mistakes you can make is not filing a police report. Vehicle accident police reports are one of the most important auto accident claim documents. If you don't file a police report, this will rob you of a key piece of evidence.

If you've been in an accident, the first thing to do is call the authorities. They will then either take your report on the spot or take you back to the station.

Having the authorities present makes sure that important details of the crash are taken down meticulously. It can also ensure that everyone stays as calm as possible. 

If someone needs emergency attention, any police units on the scene will quickly be able to call for an ambulance. 

2. Not Filing Your Claim Promptly

One of the most common auto accident claim mistakes people make is not filing their claims promptly. If you're emotionally and mentally rattled after an accident, or have sustained injuries, filing an insurance claim might be the last thing on your mind. 

But, don't let the initial stress of the situation trigger you to procrastinate about filing your claim. The longer you put off filing an insurance claim, the harder it can be to get a fair payout. 

As time passes, it can be difficult to gather additional evidence. What's more, each state has a specific statute of limitations around filing deadlines. 

Here in New York, the statute of limitations allows claimants 2 years to file a claim if they have sustained an auto accident injury. If the accident only resulted in damage to property, claimants have 3 years to file a claim. 

Besides meeting the insurance claim filing deadline, you also need to make sure you file your accident report within 10 days of the accident. No-fault claims need to be filed within 30 days.

3. Not Gathering Evidence

Another very easy mistake to make after an auto accident is not gathering enough evidence. If you want to minimize liability and increase your chances of fair compensation, you have to gather and supply as much evidence as possible. 

If you have suffered an auto accident injury, your body of evidence will need to include medical reports and doctors' diagnoses. If you hire a good New York accident lawyer, they will also be able to furnish you with expert witnesses should your case go to court. 

Medical reports are critical evidence pieces in an auto accident injury case. If you weren't in any condition to gather evidence at the scene of the accident, these might be the only pieces of auto accident injury evidence you can collate. 

However, if you are uninjured at the scene of the accident, take the time to photograph the position of the vehicles and all damage to your car. You can also ask any eyewitnesses for their contact details in case you need them to give an account of the accident. 

4. Not Getting Your Injuries Seen To

If you've been injured in a car accident, getting your injuries seen to should be your number one priority. Even if you aren't hurt, it's still a good idea to go for a checkup with your doctor. They will be able to spot the signs of concussion or impacts to the spine, both common car accident-related injuries.

If left untreated, concussion can cause a host of long-term problems, including:

  • Headaches
  • Memory problems
  • Brain fog
  • Dizzyness
  • Mood swings

Getting medical attention is not just important for your physical healing. It can also be a critical part of proving your auto accident injury claim

Your doctor's diagnosis can be a pivotal piece of evidence. 

5. Apologizing to the Other Driver

Depending on what type of person you are, you might feel compelled to apologize to the other driver for the accident, even if it's not clear that you're at fault. 

No matter how much compassion you feel for the other party, do not apologize. Apologizing can be a natural reaction and an expression of empathy, but in the case of auto accidents, it can be used against you as an admittance of guilt. 

6. Rushing to Accept an Insurance Payout Offer

One of the easiest auto accident claim mistakes to make is accepting the first payout an insurance company offers. Insurance companies are skilled at making consumers feel like insurers make the laws, and that you have to take whatever they offer.

This is not true. If an insurance company is lowballing you, you're entitled to negotiate for a better payout. If the insurance company still doesn't come to the table, you're fully within your rights to take the matter to court. 

7. DIYing Negotiations

Another of the biggest auto accident claim mistakes you can make is taking the DIY route in negotiations. As we just said, consumers are entitled to negotiate with their insurance providers over unfair compensation. However, the odds aren't stacked in your favor if you do it alone. 

Insurance companies have entire legal teams at their disposal. They also know that most consumers need compensation as soon as possible. If you negotiate on your own, a lot of insurance companies won't budge. 

However, if you engage a savvy auto accident lawyer, this will make the insurer stand up and take notice. It signals that you mean business, and the insurer will know they can no longer get away will lowball tactics. 

Avoid These Auto Accident Claim Mistakes and Get the Legal Help You Need

Navigating a car accident claim process can be stressful and frustrating. Fortunately, now that you know about these 7 auto accident claim mistakes, you'll have a far better chance of success. 

Do you need a New York car accident lawyer? We specialize in auto accidents and personal injury. As a leading Brooklyn car accident lawyer team, we have the knowledge and expertise to fight on your behalf. 

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Your Ultimate Guide to the Personal Injury Lawsuit Process

Personal injury lawsuits are surprisingly common and yield huge settlements. In fact, the New Jersey state government paid out almost $120 million in personal injury lawsuits last year.

On the other hand, the state recovered nearly $150 million by winning personal injury lawsuits. Clearly, this is a large and impactful sector of the legal industry.

These lawsuits are an effective way for victims to obtain financial justice after a devastating injury. However, there is a burden on the victim to prove negligence or wrongdoing before securing a victory.

Read on to learn more about the personal injury lawsuit process. Explore this comprehensive guide to the process and what to expect.

First Step in the Personal Injury Lawsuit Process

Unfortunately, the first step in the personal injury lawsuit process is an accident. It is important that you understand the process begins here.

Your general awareness will help win your lawsuit and collect an adequate settlement. If physically able, collect any helpful evidence from the scene of the accident.

Anything that demonstrates negligence or wrongdoing occurred improves your odds of success. If you are unable to do so, see if a family member can help. Photographs, videos, and documents are all useful.

Obtain Medical Treatment

If you are injured, make sure to accept and receive medical treatment. Most importantly, you want to make sure to receive proper diagnosis and treatment.

Sometimes, major issues are not evident immediately after the accident. Instead, these injuries or ailments manifest over time.

From a legal perspective, denying treatment at the scene of the accident is a mistake. Opposing lawyers in a personal injury trial will seek to exploit this fact.

Finally, take care to save receipts and bills from all medical treatment that you receive. Your legal team will seek to recoup these expenses during the personal injury lawsuit process.

Hire a Law Firm That Specializes in Personal Injuries

Once you are healthy, it is time to seek out professional assistance. Start off by asking friends and family for a legal referral. Next, perform internet research to find reputable personal injury attorneys with many recent victories.

Once you narrow the list down, schedule a consultation with a law firm. Here, a personal injury attorney informs you whether the case has any merit. This will also be an opportunity for you to ask any questions about the personal injury lawsuit process.

The lawyer is likely to ask you for specifics about the accident. This is the perfect time to share any collected evidence and medical bills that are due.

Lastly, you can review the attorney’s fees. Some personal injury attorneys only collect a fee when a financial settlement is received.

Pre-Court Negotiation

In some cases, your attorney will seek to settle the case without going to court. This is typically accomplished via a letter to the negligent person or entity’s insurance company or attorney.

Here, the case is made against the responsible party. Your attorney also includes a specific demand for financial retribution. If this demand is met or acceptable counteroffer made, the settlement does not necessarily need to go to trial.

File Court Documents

Once you select a personal injury attorney, it is time to serve a formal complaint to the court. In these court documents, you will officially name a defendant and why it is believed they are liable for the injury.

The opposing attorney can submit court documents as well. Sometimes, the defendant’s attorney will submit a motion to dismiss. This means they are asking a judge to stop the process.

Now it is time to get strapped in for the long haul. It can take up to two years to reach the trial phase of the personal injury lawsuit process.

Discovery Process

The discovery process takes place before a lawsuit goes to trial. This is where the attorneys for the plaintiff and defendant request information from each other.

The intent is to establish the facts of the case before going to trial. In some cases, the attorneys request copies of important documents. This may include medical or accident reports, copies of bills, and other pertinent information. Attorneys may also submit sworn depositions from any witnesses of the accident.

The discovery process is one of the reasons that it takes so long to get to trial. It can take up to one year to complete the discovery process. This timeframe depends on several factors including how complex the case is and what deadlines the court mandates.

Negotiation and Mediation

Before the trial is underway, there is another opportunity for settlement. Now that the facts of the case have been established, the two attorneys can start negotiating a settlement.

At first, negotiation takes place between the attorneys for the plaintiff and defendant. If talks stall, the attorneys may elect to enter mediation.

Here, a neutral arbiter tries to help the two parties reach a deal. In many cases, mediation helps the two parties arrive at a fair settlement for both parties.


In the event that mediation fails, it is time to present the merit of the case before a judge. The duration of the trial varies depending on the complexity of the case.

Do witnesses need to be called? Does any new evidence come to light during the trial? Does the judge require additional time to review important documents?

The Final Steps

Once you reach the trial phase, the personal injury lawsuit process is near completion. Now, the judge will rule on the case and determine what type of settlement you receive, if any.

The next step depends on whether you win or lose. If you are victorious, the subsequent move is to collect the settlement. If the judge hands down a losing verdict, the only option is to file an appeal.

A Recap of the Process

The New York personal injury lawsuit process is long and daunting. The process typically does not begin until you are fully recovered from your injuries.

Then, steps like discovery and settlement talks take well over a year. If you want to learn more about the personal injury lawsuit process, contact us for assistance.

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Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Car Accident Lawsuit

Every year about 2.35 million people suffer injuries or disability from car accidents. While it's difficult to recover from your injuries, filing a car accident lawsuit can help you obtain some relief.

In many cases, plaintiffs are eligible for a higher monetary relief than the amount the court awards. Certain common mistakes plaintiffs make along the way harm their settlement amount and case outcome.

Don't know what mistakes you should avoid at all costs? We'll tell you what common mistakes may harm your auto accident recovery. Keep reading to learn how to get the most relief from your auto injury nightmare.

Car Accident Lawsuit Mistakes You Should Avoid at All Costs

You might've heard car accident settlement stories about how plaintiffs should've received a higher monetary relief or a better outcome. All car injury cases come down to how your attorney can evidence the extent of your injury in court.

It all starts with documenting your accident the right way. If you don't, you may miss out on a larger monetary relief or lose your case.

Don't know how you may miss the mark before and during your accident lawsuit? Here are the most common mistakes you should avoid to obtain the best outcome in your New York auto accident lawsuit.

1. Not Reporting Your Accident to the Police

While you might want to leave the scene of your accident as soon as possible, you must meet the accident reporting requirements in your state. In New York, if your crash caused an injury to a person, you must file a police report as soon as possible. If it only caused property damage, you will only have to file a report on the spot if the owner of the property is at the scene.

Still, this state requires all parties to file an MV 104 form with the NY DMV no more than 10 days after the accident. In states such as New Jersey and Pennsylvania, you must report your accident immediately according to their laws.

In Pennsylvania, the only exemption to this rule is when law enforcement can't arrive at the scene. In this case, all parties must file an AA-600 form within 5 days of the accident. Keep in mind that you should describe your accident as best as you can when reporting the incident. 

2. Forgetting to Exchange Your Contact Information with Other Parties

You may think exchanging your contact information with the other parties is enough. Yet, you should also exchange your information with any witnesses present at the scene. When your case goes to court, your attorney will interview these witnesses to verify and confirm details about your auto accident.

3. Not Getting Medical Treatment

Medical treatment for any condition can be expensive. Yet, not seeing a doctor after you suffer an auto accident can limit your relief.

It's important to visit your doctor and get your injuries treated after the event. Your attorney will use your medical record as evidence to obtain a better deal in your case.

Make sure you follow your doctor's instructions. If you don't follow the suggested treatments, the other parties can use it against you in court.

4. Providing Unnecessary Information to Your Insurance Company

Many plaintiffs think that overselling what happened is the best way to obtain the best monetary relief. Yet, you should provide your insurance company an honest account of the events. Aim to describe the situation as best as you can.

Keep in mind that your insurance company may verify your account of the auto accident. Also, your attorney or other parties may request and submit your insurer's report as evidence. At the end of the day, you don't want your words being used against you.

5. Not Taking Pictures When You Suffered the Accident and After

Taking photos of the accident scene is the first step to obtaining the best outcome in your case. Yet, that isn't the only time when you should document your accident.

It's recommended that you take photos of any injuries you suffer and your rehab. Also, you should document the damage to your vehicle and any other damages you suffered.

6. Saying Too Much

Believe it or not, jurors, witnesses, attorneys, and other parties will try to contact you during your case. Many plaintiffs make the mistake of chatting with them about the case.

You shouldn't talk to anyone related to the case. If you receive a call from any party, you should ask them to contact your attorney.

7. Filling Out Your No-Fault Forms Incorrectly

Jurisdictions such as New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania have no-fault auto insurance laws. These laws may put a dent on your relief options. These jurisdictions allow plaintiffs to file an accident claim if the damages and suffering meet certain conditions.

Nursing care and other services may require you to submit these no-fault forms for payment or reimbursement. Before submitting any forms, it's recommended that you consult an attorney. You want to make sure you don't make any mistakes when submitting these documents.

8. Not Hiring an Experienced Injury Lawyer

While obtaining the best outcome in your case depends on your evidence, you need the right lawyer in your corner. Hiring an experienced car injury attorney can make the difference between receiving the relief you deserve or losing your case.

An experienced injury attorney will help you navigate your lawsuit and advise you in matters such as the applicable statute of limitations. While New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania follow no-fault insurance laws. The statute of limitations may void your lawsuit filing.

In the state of New York, you have 3 years after your accident to file your lawsuit. In New Jersey and Pennsylvania, there's a limit of 2 years to file your lawsuit after your accident. Yet, these limits may vary depending on your case.

An experienced attorney can advise on your lawsuit filing and approach to obtain the best outcome. It's recommended that you search for experienced auto accident attorneys in your area.

Can You Obtain the Best Outcome in Your Auto Accident Lawsuit?

You can obtain the best outcome in your car accident lawsuit. It will come down to avoiding any mistakes and hiring the right lawyer for the job.

The best lawyer will take the time to learn more about your case and offer different options. At Find Injury Law, you have access to one of the largest injury attorney networks to find the right professional for your case.

Want to obtain the best outcome or settlement in your auto accident lawsuit? We can connect you with the most qualified injury law attorneys. Contact us today to obtain the highest monetary relief in your case.

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The 3 Most Common Types of School Bus Accidents and Their Causes

The thought of your child being involved in school bus accidents causes dread in all parents. Here are the 3 most common type of school bus crashes.

In 2017, the nationwide yearly average for school bus-related deaths was 95. However, it's important to note that this number includes occupants of school-transportation and non-occupants.

But aren't school buses supposed to be safe? Fortunately, school buses remain the safest vehicle on the road.

Despite the statistics, your child is much safer traveling to school in a school bus as opposed to a car. 

However, it's essential for parents and school employees to be aware
of these three types of bus accidents that children, pedestrians and
other motorists can be susceptible to. 

1. Occupants Of The School Bus Are Injured

To start off, school transportation accidents that involve children
experiencing an injury on a bus remains the rarest type of bus accident.
This is due to the high level of safety that school bus companies

There is no doubt that school buses are extremely large and extremely
heavy. This allows school buses to absorb much less crash force
and distribute that crash force differently than the average car,
protecting those who are in the school transportation vehicles. 

Children don't even need to be wearing a seat belt to be considered
safe in a school bus. This is thanks to compartmentalization.
Compartmentalization is the technique in which children are protected
from the closely packed seats that are made of energy absorbing

But, unfortunately, there are circumstances where children on a bus
can be injured. This can result from mechanical errors in the bus,
severe weather conditions or distracted drivers.

Legal claims that go along with this type of bus crash can include wrongful death, workers' compensation or personal injury. 

2. Other Motorists Are Injured

In the grand scheme of New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania bus accidents, other motorists are more at stake to undergo school transportation-related injuries than children inside a bus. 

Since school buses are designed to compartmentalize the force of a crash, other vehicles often take a harder hit. In fact, 70 percent of school transportation-related deaths happen to people in another vehicle.

For example, say you are driving to work early on a Monday morning as
the school bus in front of you slows down at a bus stop. The bus driver
turns on his flashing red lights and extends the stop sign on the side
of the bus.

As you come to a halt behind the bus, the driver behind you does not.
So not only have you now been rear-ended, but you have also rear-ended
the bus in front of you, leaving you and your car in the middle of the
accident to absorb all of the force. 

Because that force can be so drastic, injuries from school bus accidents that involve other motorists
can range from bumps and bruises to unfortunate fatalities. Because of
this, drivers should always be conscious of their surroundings on the
road to protect both their safety and the safety of the children who are
on the bus. 

Much like the last type of school transportation-related accident,
this type of accident can also result from mechanical errors, distracted
drivers and severe weather conditions. 

This type of bus accident could result in a property damage, personal injury or wrongful death claim. 

3. Pedestrians Are Injured

Another common school bus-related incident involves pedestrians.
These pedestrians can include children crossing the road to get to and
from school or even adults going for their morning run. 

Again, you would think that it would be easy to spot a bright yellow
school bus from a mile away. But if a pedestrian or a school bus driver
isn't paying attention, an accident can happen within the blink of an

Pedestrians accounted for 20 percent of the school
transportation-related deaths from 2007 to 2016. Most of these accidents
happen when the school bus is driving straight ahead as opposed to
changing lanes, turning or swerving. So it's important for you and your
child to always keep an eye out for school buses while walking. 

In the unfortunate case that you or someone you know experiences this
type of bus accident, a personal injury or wrongful death claim could
be filed. 

School Bus Accident Prevention 

You would think that a massive, bright yellow bus would be enough to
practice school bus accident prevention. But, unfortunately, there are
too many school transportation-related accidents every single year. 

Luckily, there are ways that you and your child can both practice school bus safety
and bus accident prevention. For starters, make sure that you know your
state's bus stopping laws. Because not only can following these laws
prevent you from getting a massive ticket, but that can also prevent you
from getting in bus accidents. 

Make sure your child is aware of bus stop safety. This includes
getting to the bus stop with at least five minutes to spare and having a
designated waiting area as far away from the curb as possible. You
should also instruct your child to refrain from walking behind a bus and
close to the curbs. 

It's also essential to refrain from distracted driving. While most
parents are aware of the dangers of texting while driving, distracted
driving encompasses much more than that. For example, always keep your
eyes glued to the road with two hands on the wheel.

Refrain from changing the radio, reaching for something in the back
seat and digging in your purse. Because the last thing you want to do is
hit a school bus because you weren't paying attention to the road. 

Lastly, always keep a safe distance from school buses whether you are
walking, driving or cycling. It's simply better to be safe than sorry.
And by avoiding school transportation at all costs, you are already
creating a safer environment for you, your child and everyone else on
the road.  

MTA City Bus Accidents

School bus accidents aren't the only type of bus accidents that
people should be aware of on the road. It's important to also be wary of
New York city bus accidents as well. 

These accidents can result from bus drivers who are not properly
trained and from drivers failing to see other vehicles on the road. And
while city buses are large and bulky, much like school buses are,
distracted drivers risk the hazard of causing a city bus crash.

Just a few month back six people were injured when the driver of a Brooklyn MTA bus crashed in the Crown Heights section of Kings County.

Plus, the standard rollover rate for bus accidents are much higher
than other vehicles. And these accidents can, unfortunately, cause
significant property damage and bodily injury. 

Do You Think You Have A Claim As the Result of Being in a Bus Accidents? 

New York school bus accidents are tragic and unfortunate
circumstances. And, unfortunately, even with the proper education and
prevention, these accidents still take place. If you or someone you know
has experienced a school transportation-related accident, know that you
are not alone. 

Here at Find Injury Law, we have 30 years of experience in working
hard to put you in contact with the best personal injury firm for you
and your case. Contact us today to receive the legal guidance you need. 

Truck crashes are among the most dangerous motor vehicle accidents

Since Brooklyn is a key destination in New York with many stores where people enjoy shopping, it is necessary for large trucks to make deliveries. These vehicles can come from across the country. The drivers are frequently in a rush to complete their job and might drive too fast for the city streets. That can cause an accident.

Other potential risk factors that can lead to a crash with injuries to others who might be in the truck’s path include distracted driving, driving under the influence and reckless driving. For people who suffer personal injury or lose a loved one in a truck accident, having the right legal advice is critical.

A 71-year-old man was killed when he was hit by a large truck in Brooklyn. The accident occurred in the morning at around 7 a.m. when the male driver, 54, did not yield as the man crossed the street. There was a collision and the truck dragged the man for a distance. The man was declared dead at the site of the accident. The truck driver stayed at the scene. He was cited for not exercising due care and for failing to yield to a pedestrian in the crosswalk.

When there is an accident with a truck, smaller vehicles have little chance of escaping without severe damage. If a truck hits a pedestrian, the person who was hit will be lucky to survive. Even if the accident is not fatal, there can be severe injuries and long-term damage from the crash. This can accrue immense medical costs for surgical procedures, treatment and long-term care. When there is a death, the family must consider funeral costs, lost companionship and other factors. While a legal filing is a useful way to recover compensation, there is often confusion as to which law firm is the right fit for the case.

Many people are unaware that there are law firms that can help them to find the right representation for their specific case. As with any profession, there are certain firms that are better than others at various areas. Having help to find a firm that is skilled with truck accidents does not need an extensive amount of research and guesswork. Calling a firm that understands motor vehicle accidents can point a family in the right direction for representation to pursue compensation in a legal case.

Motor vehicle accidents with police cars can cause injuries

Emergency vehicles and law enforcement rushing to scenes where they are needed is something that is part of living in New York City. People will be cognizant of the need to take care simply by understanding this fundamental aspect of city life. However, there are times when circumstances will result in bystanders being injured in a crash not as part of the incident the emergency vehicles are rushing to, but because they are hit by the emergency vehicle itself. When motor vehicle accidents like these happen, those who were hurt must remember the need for legal assistance.

A pedestrian suffered two broken legs when a police car on its way to a call with its sirens flashing ran onto the sidewalk in Brooklyn. The incident occurred in the evening not long before 7 p.m. There was a boy and two women crossing the street. He was said to be 11 or 12. The police car tried to avoid hitting the child. There were conflicting reports as to whether the child was hit. The vehicle then went onto the sidewalk and hit the man, 32. The officers were also injured. The boy was in shock, but not seriously hurt. The pedestrian and both officers were hospitalized. The investigation is ongoing.

Any automobile accident can cause drastic changes to a person’s life. Depending on its severity, the person can need medical care and hospitalization for a short period or they might require assistance round the clock. Injuries can range from broken bones to head injuries to back injuries and cuts all the way to paralysis and brain damage. A legal filing is a wise step to cover for medical costs, lost wages and more. However, people are frequently inundated with suggestions on which law firm would be best for their needs. This is when it is crucial to have advice.

Considering the circumstances of this accident, those impacted must think about how to proceed. That includes the law enforcement officers who were hurt as well as the child and the man with the broken legs. Help in getting the right legal representative starts with discussing the case with a firm that matches victims of motor vehicle accidents with the right lawyer. Calling is the first step.

People changing tires in danger of fatal motor vehicle accidents

In Brooklyn, flat tires are an inconvenience that will negatively impact every driver at one point or another. Changing a tire can be time consuming and stressful. What people do not realize at the time is that it can also be dangerous. It is impossible to control where the flat tire happens and people must change it as soon as possible. That can leave them vulnerable to careless, negligent, reckless and distracted drivers. With motor vehicle accidents involving a person who was changing a tire, there can be injuries and fatalities. Those who have been hit or lost a loved one in such a crash should remember they have the right to consider a legal filing for compensation.

According to a recent report, a hit-and-run driver crashed into a man who was changing a tire and killed him. The driver was arrested. The man who died was a 65-year-old grandfather. The 30-year-old driver of a Toyota minivan crashed into the man and fled. He stopped the vehicle a short distance from the scene of the accident and then ran on foot. Law enforcement investigated the incident, used witnesses and surveillance video to locate the driver and arrested him. He faces multiple charges in the incident.

Motor vehicle accidents can happen without warning and a family can be left reeling. This is especially dangerous when the person who was hit was a pedestrian. Since the victim is so vulnerable, there can be brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, cuts and more. That can result in medical expenses and other long-term issues. In many of these cases, the person dies because of the crash, leaving a family to come to grips with an unexpected loss. To make matters worse, a driver who hit a person might commit a hit-and-run.

It is in these situations when people need to know their legal rights and investigate the prospects of a successful legal filing in the aftermath of motor vehicle accidents.

Man's death shows danger of turning motor vehicle accidents

The roadways in New York City can be congested and treacherous. With the combination of vehicles trying to get from one place to another, the reality that the city is a popular place to live and visit, and the frequent inclement weather, motor vehicle accidents are all-too common. Some of these accidents happen when a vehicle is turning and is hit by another vehicle. Since people often make judgmental mistakes or overtly violate the law, it is important to be cautious. After there has been a crash, also important is considering a legal filing to be compensated.

A two-car crash led to a man’s death. According to the accident investigation, a 40-year-old man was near John F. Kennedy Airport when he tried to make a turn. A 2015 BMW X5 crashed into him as he was doing so. The man in the first car had head injuries. He was unresponsive to emergency personnel. After being taken to the hospital, he was declared dead. The other driver was taken to the hospital with injuries that are not believed to be life-threatening. No arrests have been made, but the investigation is continuing.

Those who have been injured or lost a loved one in a car accident should understand the immediate and long-term issues they will face. That includes medical expenses, lost wages, funeral costs, the possible need for long-term care and other factors that inevitably arise. The easy answer when thinking about how to handle motor vehicle accidents is to think about a lawsuit to recover compensation. However, finding the lawyer that fits into all the needs of the individual client can be complicated. With the amount of advertising personal injury attorneys do, people who are thinking about a legal filing can become overwhelmed. This is when it is critical to have assistance in finding the lawyer who is ideally suited to the individual claim based on all its aspects.

A man was turning when another vehicle crashed into his. The first man died and the other man was injured. It is unclear as to who – if anyone – was at fault in this case. With the litany of concerns that the families will have after motor vehicle accidents of this kind, they should consider their options for a legal filing and discuss the case with a firm that matches attorneys and clients effectively to move forward with a lawsuit.

Hit-and-run death shows danger of motor vehicle accidents

The New York City roads can be a dangerous place. While law enforcement and legislators try to improve safety and take steps to ensure drivers are adhering to the rules of the road, the sheer nature of life in the city lends itself to risk. Drivers will operate their vehicles while distracted, behave negligently, speed and drive under the influence. That, combined with how many vehicles there are and the number of people who are going back and forth about the city will lead to motor vehicle accidents, injuries and death. To make matters worse, some drivers will flee the scene after an accident. Those who are in a crash must remember their rights to seek compensation in a legal filing.

A man was hit by a car and killed as he crossed the street. The vehicle fled the scene making it a hit and run. According to NBC New York, the man, 29, was hit in the evening at approximately 5:30 p.m. The vehicle was a silver or gray four-door sedan. The man flew in the air and was hit so hard that his shoes came off. He was taken to the hospital and declared dead. The next day, law enforcement stated that they made an arrest in the incident. The driver was a 28-year-old man and he faces a litany of charges from this incident.

When there is a fatal motor vehicle accident, there will be a multitude of issues that the family left behind will face. That includes the emotional impact, lost companionship, lost income and more. Many will think about a legal filing to be compensated. However, a problem that frequently arises is that they do not know where to turn. It is easy to say they should seek legal assistance, but knowing what firm will best represent them can be nearly impossible, especially in the aftermath of a fatal car crash. This is when it is critical to consult those who are experienced in matching clients with lawyers.

In this crash, a man was crossing the street when he was hit by a vehicle. The vehicle fled the scene and the pedestrian died. Police found the apparent driver the next day and arrested him. As the case moves forward, the family of the man who died should think about their options. Part of that is considering a legal filing. Calling for assistance with those who know how to find effective attorneys for every situation following motor vehicle accidents is the first step.