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Nothing About This Job Is Easy

Construction is one of the most dangerous jobs in America.

OSHA keeps a running tally of workers killed on the job. Workers are hit by falling trees, struck by loaders, fall from suspended scaffolds, get into motor vehicle crashes while on the job, are exposed to toxic chemicals, lose an eye … and the list goes on.

This particular tally doesn’t include those who suffer life-changing injuries in these accidents – injuries to the brain and spinal cord, painful burns, amputation, compound fractures, and so on. But OSHA keeps a tally on that too.

And then there’s the overall physical toll on a person’s body, even for those who aren’t injured.


Legal Aspects Of Construction & Workplace Accidents

Construction and other workplace accidents generally involve these two areas:


  1. Workers’ compensation: In general, all employees are entitled to compensation for an illness or injury that happens at work or because of work, regardless of who was at fault, so long as the illness or injury arose from doing your job duties.
  2. Third-party liability: In some cases, someone else may be legally responsible for a worker’s death or injuries. One example is a distracted driver who causes a wreck while the worker is transporting materials to the job site. Another is an independent company that improperly sets up a scaffold – and it collapses.

If you’ve been seriously injured in a fall or other incident – or your spouse was killed on the job – what you need is a lawyer who regularly handles these types of cases. Who understands the difference between workers’ comp and third-party liability.


The Find Injury Law Service

At Find Injury Law, finding the right lawyer for your case is what we do:


  • Falls off construction scaffolds with serious head trauma…
  • Motor vehicle accidents with spinal compression fractures…
  • Amputation from crushing injuries with heavy machinery…

These are just three all-too-common examples – and they change the lives of workers and their families.

Attorney Jacob Braude has 30+ years in personal injury law. He started Find Injury Law to connect people with the right attorney for the job – not just any attorney, but one with an excellent track record of results … who knows how to represent injured workers and handle construction accident cases.


It’s A Matchmaking Service

It’s one of the most valuable matchmaking services out there … because we help you know what you don’t know – how to find the lawyer you need, not just the first one who pops up in a Google search.

And as always, our service is provided at no additional cost.

Based in Brooklyn, NY, we serve clients throughout New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and in select cases nationwide.

What we do first is listen. Then we assess the situation and comb through our extensive list of legal contacts – lawyers and law firms and scientific experts with the experience and track record that you need for your case.

We have over three decades of experience to find you these lawyers.


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