Grocery stores must maintain clean aisles. Apartment buildings should have secure railings and safe stairways. Ground level retailers must keep sidewalks clear of snow and ice. And parking garages need adequate lighting and security.

Most grocery stores, apartment buildings, retailers and parking garages do a good job at maintaining safe conditions. Most businesses and property owners keep guests and customers safe.

But some don’t.

Someone slips, falls, and breaks her ankle. Or is injured in some other way from unsafe conditions on the property. We call that a “premises liability” case. It means the property owner is liable for the person’s injuries.


How To Prove Premises Liability

In general, to prove a premises liability case, you must satisfy three requirements:


  1. There must be a property owner legally responsible for maintenance
  2. The injured person must be an invited guest or customer – not a trespasser
  3. The property owner failed to fix the problem (like a broken railing, slippery floor surface, debris and garbage on the stairs)

In some cases, the property owner may also be on the hook for an assault perpetrated by a third party. A parking garage with poor lighting and lack of security is one example.


Why Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer?

It may not seem so, but these cases can be hard to prove.

The spill in Aisle 3 wasn’t mopped up, but it was marked with yellow warning signs. Is the grocery store still responsible? To what extent? And will this affect the customer’s compensation for her broken ankle or head injury in the slip and fall?

The apartment building owner took some steps to increase safety for tenants and guests by installing better lighting – but did nothing about the poor locks on individual units. Is the owner legally responsible for the sexual assault of a tenant after forced entry?


The Benefit Of Find Injury Law

The victim of an accident who suffered a personal injury is usually not experienced enough to discern between an attorney who is willing to handle a case and an attorney that is most suited to both handle it and command the highest financial recovery.

You have enough to worry about.

While you are preoccupied with recovering from your injuries we will use our over three decades of experience to help you find the proper attorney to represent you.

After a slip and fall or other incident in an unsafe place, we at Find Injury Law work to find the right lawyer for your case. At no extra cost to you, we pair you with an injury attorney with experience on your type of case with similar facts and circumstances.

We save you both your time and your sanity when you need it most.

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