A Traumatic Brain Or Spinal Injury Lawsuit Is Highly Complex


Think of what has happened to many NFL players to see just how bad traumatic brain injuries can get. Think of the young man confined to a wheelchair for a glimpse of how a car wreck can change a life.

If you’re reading this, you already know –


  • Your teenage son laid up in the hospital with multiple surgeries ahead of him, not knowing whether he’ll walk, run or limp…
  • Your husband in a medically induced coma to reduce brain swelling after falling off a construction scaffold and hitting his head…
  • Your wife in daily pain from a spinal compression fracture after being rear-ended by a texting driver at high speed…

These are the scenarios and they aren’t pretty.


So How Do You Recover?

Some accident victims with brain or spinal cord injuries never make a full recovery. Others do. There are several factors involved:


  • How serious was the crash or accident?
  • Are they receiving adequate medical care?
  • Do they have the support of family and friends?

And, finally, what legal and financial resources do they have?


Most People Can’t ‘Afford’ To Be Injured

One of the many difficult aspects of traumatic brain and spinal cord injury is the high cost of medical treatment … the ongoing medical bills … and dealing with insurance companies. Insurance companies are primarily concerned with how much they’ll have to pay out. It’s a pure numbers game.

That’s where legal representation comes in.


We’re Your Support Network

At Find Injury Law, our goal is to become a part of your support network. We offer you the chance to forget – for a moment at least – some of the burden. We save you the trouble and find you the lawyer most suitable to obtain the highest recovery for your injuries and case so you don’t have to.

At no extra cost, we offer our over three decades of experience in finding lawyers who have dedicated their careers to helping victims of serious brain and spinal injury. These lawyers have the skill and resources to take your case to trial and to negotiate the highest possible compensation.


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