You Purchased A Ticket To Ride – Not Be Seriously Injured

Here’s the problem with crashes involving trains, buses, and vehicles in general: The moment the passengers climb aboard, they are at the mercy of the driver. When the driver is operating in an unsafe and improper manner, the passengers have absolutely no control over their fate.

A tour bus operator that pressures its driver to work long hours on little to no sleep, for example, puts every passenger at risk when he falls asleep at the wheel.

The Amtrak train company fails its passengers when it fails to maintain adequate safety standards – and diverts one train onto the path of an oncoming train.

An airline pilot who shows up to work drunk, or whose company fails to ensure proper aircraft maintenance, puts the lives of every passenger and every crewmember at risk.


How To Determine What Actually Happened

Some large-scale accidents are relatively easy to figure out.

Records show the tour bus driver had no downtime prior to the crash and had prescription painkillers in his system. Investigators find evidence that the train engineer had been texting on his iPhone (and was going too fast) at the time of the derailment. Incident reports show the small commuter airline has a history of poor maintenance on its aircraft.

But these cases often need deeper investigation (and can get complicated very quickly):


  • Severe turbulence jostles the passengers and injures several of them. Was it the airline’s fault for flying too close to a storm or was it a freak weather event? Or some combination of both?
  • A tire blowout causes the tour bus to roll over, ejecting passengers from the bus. The operator blames it on a tire defect. But did the operator fail to properly inflate and inspect the tire? And could seatbelts have made a difference?
  • Why the commuter train derailed is hard to pin down – was it because the engineer went too fast around the curve? Or a problem with the design and construction of the track itself?


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