Big Rigs Come 80,000 Pounds Fully Loaded

You’ve got nothing on a big rig in your 4,000 pound car or SUV.

In other words, the physics of a crash with a large commercial vehicle don’t weigh in your favor – and too many people have the life-changing injuries to show for it.

Find Out Why The Crash Happened

Sometimes it’s obvious.

The police arrested the truck driver for DUI. The trucker’s logbook doesn’t show compliance with the hours-of-service rules for how long you can be behind the wheel without sleep. Or the driver’s employer has a history of skimping on proper truck maintenance.

Of course not every truck driver is dangerous. Most truckers and other commercial drivers do their jobs safely.

But those who do not – or who have a momentary lapse in judgment – risk the lives of others on the road. Then the real question becomes how to hold the driver and trucking company accountable. And how to move forward with serious problems like brain and spinal cord injury.

Move Forward With Find Injury Law

Many lawyers handle truck accidents. But not all. And some focus almost exclusively on truck accident cases, like a specialty. These cases often require a greater level of time, knowledge, and investment. Accident reconstruction experts. Investigatory services. Figuring out exactly why the big rig jack-knifed on the highway and overturned.

Where do you find this kind of lawyer?

Turn to Find Injury Law.

At no extra cost, we pair our clients with the right lawyer for the case, like a match-making service. With over three decades in personal injury law, founder Jacob Braude knows what to look for in a law firm.

The High Cost Of Serious Injuries In Truck Accidents

Paralysis, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, burns, compound fractures … these and others are the catastrophic injuries that come from major crashes with large commercial vehicles.

With the help of an attorney, you can work to maximize compensation. A fair settlement (or jury verdict) helps cover the long-term costs of medical care, from acute treatment in the hospital to ongoing rehab.

Per the Disabilities-R-Us organization:

“Recovered monetary damages make a very real and significant impact in the lives of victims [by ensuring] access to wheelchairs and restored mobility options for the paralyzed, prosthetic limbs and rehabilitation for amputees, and continued treatment for those in need.”

Today’s Task: Find The Lawyer You Need

Recovery happens one day at a time. Make us a part of your recovery. With all the lawyers out there, we find the right one for you. It’s as simple as that.

Based in Brooklyn, NY, we serve clients in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. We also help people injured in truck accidents from outside those states in select cases.

Our service is provided at no additional cost.

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