Have You Been Exposed to Asbestos and Diagnosed With Mesothelioma?

More than fifty years after the discovery that asbestos is a silent killer, it’s still wreaking havoc in homes across the US.

Despite the knowledge that exposure to asbestos can lead to critical illness and even death, more than 12,000 Americans are killed from asbestos every year.

How is this occurring?

Often through mesothelioma – a cancer of the tissue, one of the most deadly and aggressive forms of cancer that exists. When asbestos is inhaled or swallowed, its fibers settle in the body and can lead to the formation of mesothelioma, a common side effect. This is not necessarily the product of vast exposure: people with years of exposure to asbestos can never develop mesothelioma, while others with a very brief exposure can.

Mesothelioma is often slow to form. The cancer can present more than 20 years after the asbestos exposure, prolonging the danger period into the next few decades.


How can asbestos be swallowed or inhaled?

In most cases, asbestos inhalation or swallowing occurs when a building with asbestos is undergoing construction. As the walls with asbestos are accessed and reconstructed, the particles mix with the dust in the air and can easily enter the lungs or bloodstream. While asbestos hasn’t been used in new construction projects for the past few decades, it still presents a danger when construction is being performed on older buildings.


Do you work with asbestos?

Even if your personal home is safe,your workplace may carry risk of this deadly material. Those who should take special precaution are:


  • Factory workers
  • Insulation manufacturers
  • Construction workers
  • Insulation manufacturers
  • Construction workers
  • Auto mechanics
  • Ship builders
  • Miners


Your workplace has the responsibility to ensure your safety on the job. If you work in a place where asbestos is expected, make sure that you are provided with the proper safety equipment to keep yourself protected.

Be aware that asbestos can be transferred via clothing. Any clothing that has been exposed to asbestos should be left in a contained environment so as not to transmit the fibers.

The risk factors of asbestos are too strong to ignore. Were you wrongfully exposed to asbestos, either in the workplace or in your home, due to the negligence of others? As a one-time inhalation can lead to lasting harm for life, even a short exposure can bill you as a victim at risk for mesothelioma. At Find Injury Law, we are dedicated to finding the perfect lawyer who can obtain the settlement you deserve to compensate you.

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