Take Back Control For Your Loved Ones Who Are In Nursing Homes


You know how it feels to lose control.

As the son or daughter or other family member of a loved one in a nursing home, there’s only so much control you have over the situation. You can’t be there around the clock. You can’t be sure that your parent or grandparent is being treated as you would want them to be treated.

It’s worse when there’s Alzheimer’s involved (or a similar health issue) and your loved one can’t tell you what’s wrong.


How Do You Take Back Control?

First, you figure out what’s happening.

If you’re reading this, you clearly have an idea that there is a problem:


  • Has your loved one left the Alzheimer’s unit without supervision?
  • Have you noticed mysterious bruises that weren’t there before?
  • Are there bedsores that won’t heal or are getting worse?
  • Has your loved one fallen and suffered bone fractures?
  • Is your loved one getting enough to eat and drink?

Perhaps all you’ve noticed is a change in mood or behavior – nothing necessarily physical, but emotional. This could be another sign of nursing home abuse or neglect.


Regain Control With Find Injury Law

Not every bedsore is a sign of nursing home abuse and neglect. Many health issues come with old age and illness. Sometimes all the nursing home staff can do is care for your family member with love and respect.

That’s why you need a lawyer experienced in cases of elder abuse and nursing home neglect. This lawyer can properly assess the situation. He will tell you based on his experience what the likely problem is and how to address it.


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In nursing home abuse and neglect cases, you may never fully regain control. But you can hold the nursing home accountable and get the highest possible compensation for abuse.

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