Where do you go if someone else injures you?

One instant a New York
resident is likely driving down the road or entering a store, going
about their business with no more than the usual concerns on their mind.
The next instant, a personal injury, through either a car accident, a
slip and fall on someone else's property or a medical mistake, can
potentially plunge an accident victim's life into turmoil and
uncertainty. No one actually plans to get hurt, which is why one usually
doesn't have a financial or emotional plan in place.

As medical
bills pile up and accident victims unable to work because of the
injuries they sustained in the accident, New York victims may find
themselves uncertain about how to proceed, if at all. However, there a
number of legal options that can be exercised to recover the finances
necessary to make ends meet and cover medical expenses that were caused
by someone else's negligence. The question that then arises is who will
help recover that compensation?

Without any experience in the
legal field, which not many have, people may not know which professional
to turn to in order get reliable and experienced legal help. The Find
Injury Law Firm does just that-it gets accident victims in touch with
the law firm that would be best suited to deal with their specific type
of injury and to help them in their unique circumstances.

The founding attorney, with his 30 years of experience, has an in-depth knowledge of personal injury law and uses it for the benefit of his clients. No two injuries are the same, no two experiences are the same and thus no two solutions should be the same. For more on personal injury, visit our website.

Dog bite laws in New York

Dogs may be man's best friend but there are times when man's best friend turns on him or her as well. When a dog bites someone, the dog owner may become liable for the injuries that have been caused to the victim, depending both on the laws of the state and on the danger level of the dog in question.

There are two approaches states
take-strict liability or one bite rule. Strict liability means that the
owner is responsible for all harm that a dog causes, regardless of
whether they think the dog was dangerous or not. The one-bite rule means
that if the owner had no knowledge that the dog was dangerous, he or
she will not be held liable for harm caused. New York is a mixed state
in this regard-it applies both these approaches.

When it comes to
a dangerous animal, which could be an animal that has injured or
attacked someone or an animal that behaves in a manner that would cause a
reasonable person to think the dog is dangerous, then strict liability
arises. This means that owners of any pets or livestock would become
liable for any harm caused by that animal. If the dog is not dangerous,
then liability may not arise unless it can be shown that the dog was not
leashed properly or was not kept in a secure location.

It is possible to get both economic and noneconomic damages from the owner of the dog or animal that has caused personal injury to someone in New York. Getting bitten by an animal, especially by a dog, can be an incredibly traumatic experience for an individual, in addition to a painful one. Speaking to an experienced attorney may be one way to explore legal options available after someone has been bitten.

What to look for in a personal injury attorney

If you are injured in an
accident, there may come a time when you want to learn more about your
legal rights. While you can do some research on your own, there's no
replacement for consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney.

the right legal team on your side, you'll better understand your
rights, how to proceed and what you can expect from your case.

there may be many personal injury attorneys willing to take on your
case, it's imperative to know what to look for when making a final
decision. Here are five details to consider:

  • Knowledge and experience:
    There is no replacement for knowledge and experience, so you want to
    consult with a personal injury attorney who has had success with your
    type of case in the past.
  • Contingency fee: You
    should only work with a personal injury attorney who will take on your
    case for a contingency fee. This means that you only pay if the attorney
    wins your case.
  • Investigative team: While
    it's important to find an experienced personal injury attorney, learn
    more about their team as well. For example, a good investigative team
    can be the difference between winning and losing your case.
  • Objectivity:
    You want your attorney to be on your side, but, at the same time, you
    expect honesty. An objective attorney is one who will listen to the
    details of your case, provide honest feedback and give you clear
    direction as to what you can and can't do.
  • Track record of success:
    You don't want to hire a personal injury attorney who hasn't had much
    success in the past. Instead, find someone who has reached many
    settlements and won cases through jury verdicts. You'll feel much better
    about your ability to obtain compensation when you hire an attorney
    with a strong track record.

These may not be the only things
to look for in a personal injury attorney, but focusing on these
details will ensure that you're on the right track.

There are many reasons to hire a personal injury attorney, such as if you were injured in a car crash or construction site accident. Once you make a connection, let your legal team take over and do what's best for you.